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Welcome To Pagoda Hotel

Providing our guests with an authentic hospitality for more than 50 years now, Pagoda is a dynamic hotel and restaurant which stands out in the luxury hotel industry for its cosmopolitan and eclectic style that blends in with the location and takes inspiration from the most contemporary style trends. Creating drama on a plate is achieved through the perfect combination of flavors, colors, tastes, aromas and textures. Pagoda chefs delight in procuring original ingredients. They like to use organic products which makes all the difference to each dish they serve

Culinary innovation has always been at the heart of Pagoda Hotel dining experience. In many instances, it has been our hotel that has introduced the city to exotic cuisines. To dine at Pagoda is to take an insightful journey into your favorite cuisines. We trust in our team to give you a warm-hearted welcome. The hotel possesses history and charm and continues to maintain and set standards. You will feel warmth and comfort as you step into the Pagoda, where each customer is treated with Royalty.



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