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Sri Ganganagar is a planned city and the northern-most city of the Indian state of Rajasthan, situated near borders of Rajasthan and Punjab states and the international border of India and Pakistan.

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Balaji Dham

. This temple is devoted to Sri Balaji and is surrounded by numerous other

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Chanana Dham

Chanana Dham was established in year 1971. Dham is located near Padampur town in Sri Ganganagar

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Shiv Mandir

Shiv Mandir Inside Andh Vidyalaya

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CGR Mall

CGR Mall  is one of the highly recommended shopping areas in Sri Ganganagar.

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Gol Market

Gol bazaar is a very nice place to hangout with family and friends. A good variety of street food and a walkable street market .

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Iconic Fashion Mart

A Multi Brand Garments Attraction for the City

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Anupgarh Fort

The fort at Anoopgarh was built about 1689 by the Mughal governor to help suppress the local Bhati Rajputs who were rebelling

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The identity of Kalibangan as a pre-historic site was discovered by Luigi Pio Tessitori, an Italian Indologist (1887–1919).

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Laila Majnu Mazar

According to the local legend, the famous Arabic lovers Laila and Majnu died here.The two graves of shrine,where people come to seek blessings

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